How to use The Story Engine

Just log in, head to the Write section and get writing! You can write anything you like – a story, a novel, a poem, a film script…

If you’re stuck for ideas, click Get me started. This will get you thinking about characters, setting, mood and creating a dilemma to add some action to your work!

You can also poke the Inspirational Jellyfish to give you random sentence starters, writing tips and ideas. 

Click on Ask a Mentor to get in touch with one of our Story Mentors. You can ask them questions about your writing, and they can help you with advice and tips. They can also award you badges for different achievements like using interesting words or improving your writing style.

When you’re finished, go to My Stories and send your writing to the Chief for publishing!

Don’t forget to click on Read to check out other writers’ work for inspiration!