Earn these rewards while you're writing up a storm!

  • Bright Spark

    Bright Spark

    You got inspired and fired off some ideas

  • Hat Trick!

    Hat Trick!

    Three whole pieces of writing published! Kaboom!

  • Advice Mallard

    Advice Mallard

    You asked a Story Mentor for help. Quack quack!

  • Jellyfish Enthusiast

    Jellyfish Enthusiast

    You embraced the random advice of the jellyfish

  • Knockout!


    For writing that makes a mentor laugh, cry or feel scared

  • Rising Star

    Rising Star

    For really listening to advice and improving your writing

  • Brave Heart

    Brave Heart

    For keeping going, when writing gets really hard

  • Victorious Vocab

    Victorious Vocab

    For use of splendiferous words

  • Creative Mind

    Creative Mind

    Only awarded for exceptional ideas

  • Excellent Editor

    Excellent Editor

    You successfully edited a piece of writing

  • Published Author

    Published Author

    You've published your first piece of writing. Hurray!